Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How long has Monkey Bars of WNY been in business?

Monkey Bars of WNY started in 2012. We have transfomed over 500 garages to date and are growing every year.

Are you insured?

Yes. Monkey Bars of WNY is fully insured

Are your installers subcontracted or employees?

Monkey Bars of WNY installers are all employtees. We do not use subcontractors. WE pride ourselves on quality work and referral business and we do all of our own work for that reason.

Do you charge for in-home estimates?

Monkey Bars of WNY provides free in-home consultations and estimates. We are not pushy. Our consultants will work with you to determine your needs and work together with you to find the best storage and flooring solutions for your unique space.

Do you have a showroom?

We are located at 3800 Monroe Avenue Door 17 in Pittsford, NY 14534. We have a showroom and would love to have you visit. We have 8 employees and most of us are out doing installations or consultations most of the day. Please call first an schedule your visit so we are sure to be here for you.

Do you have a minimum dollar amount to come out and perform installations?

There is no minimum dollar amount for us to come out and consult with you. We are here to help you. If we can’t offer you a solution for your unique needs, we will let you know. We won’t push product. We consult and inform.

My garage is a mess, do I have to move everything for your team to install?

If your garage wasn’t a mess, you probably wouldn’t need our help. We ask that you move items in toward the center of the floor so we can install your storage system on the walls or ceilings. With your permission, we will place your belongings on the storage system for you. If we are installing our epoxy flooring system, we need everything on the floor to be out of the garage. If you need help moving items, just let us know beforehand so we can arrive a little earlier. Many hands make light work.

Can I purchase products from you and install on my own?

We typically install all of our products so that we can offer you the warranty. However, if you would like to do your installation you can purchase from us at our showroom, located at 3800 Monroe Avenue Door 17 in Pittsford, NY 14534.

Will you come and remove my storage items and reinstall in a new home?

Yes, we can remove your Monkey Bars Storage Systems and re-install them in your new home.

What makes Monkey Bars of WNY Different than the other garage enhancement companies?

Monkey Bars of WNY differentiates outselves from the competition in two main ways. (1) We offer the highest quality products. (2) We have the best consultatnts and installers. The number of phone calls we get from customers stating how impressed they are with our consultants and installation team makes me blush.

Can you install epoxy flooring in basements?

Yes. We have done basements, mud rooms, laundry rooms, living rooms and even bathroom floors.

Garage Cabinets

What are your garage cabinets made of?

3/4″ and 1″ thick melamine. We have a large selection of sizes, styles and colors. Our cabinets are made for the garage environment and are not only gorgeous but are very durable.

Why are the garage cabinets mounted up off the floor?

We can install our cabinets with or withour legs. Our motto is “Rise Above the Mess.” It is our goal to get everything off the floor. By installing cabinets off the floor, you can more easily clean the floor and doing so gives the sense of a more open (less congested) space.

Do all of your garage cabients have full backs?

Our Signature Series Garage Cabinets feature full backs and are the best quality garage cabinets available. The Classic Series Garage Cabinet is our economy line of cabinets that are backless and available in a more limited size and finish range.

Do you recommend full backs on garage cabinets?

That is really just a matter of personal preference and budget.

Do you provide custom sizes if needed on your garage cabinets?

Yes, on our Signature Series Garage Cabinets. During our consultation, we will take measurements and create 3D renderings to show you what your garage cabinet layout will look like, before purchasing. We can custom-make cabinets to fit almost any space.

What about plugs and light switches, do they get covered up by the garage cabinets?

We can custom-cut our cabinet backs to accommodate outlets and switches. WE’ve even moved switches and outless to accommodate our customers’ needs.

Are your garage cabinets made in North America?

All of our cabinets are made at the new Monkey Bars manufacturing facility in Rexburg, Idaho.

Garage Flooring

How soon can I get back into the garage once the garage floor coating is completed?

The same day. You only need to wait 2 hours after we have completed installation of your new garage floor before you can move your belongings back in. Leave vehicles off the floor for a minimum of 24 hours.

Does everything have to be out of the garage during the garage floor coating installation?

Items on the floor will need to be removed but anything on the walls or ceiling can stay.

My home is new, do my floors still need to be prepped, as I would like to save some money and not have it prepped?

Preparation is the most important part of the flooring installation process. You will not be saving money if the prep process is skipped as you will have a floor that needs to be replaced much sooner than if it had been prepared correctly. Although new floors may appear clean and ready to receive a coating, an adequate surface profile, similar to 80 grit sandpaper is needed for the best adhesion. This can only be achieved by mechanically etching the floor.

One of your competitors tols me that it takes up to three days to do a garage floor.

There are many different products on the market. Cure times and application guidelines differ between them. Standard epoxy products generally have a longer cure time, meaning you won’t be able to use your garage for several days. Monkey Bars of WNY uses the highest quality polyaspartic/polyurea products so we can complete most jobs in 1 day and you can move items back into the garage later that night.

Do you cover the side walls with the garage floor coating?

Yes, we can coat the concrete stem walls so it matches the floor. It not only looks beautiful but protects the concrete from salt damage. We can also coat concrete or wood steps.

Does your garage floor coating cover the area outside the garage door where it meets the driveway?

Yes. We go right to the edge of the driveway. That is generally the area of the garage floor that gets the most damaged so we recommend having us repari the area and coat it to protect it fromthe elements (salt, etc.).

What if I drop something and I damage the new garage floor coating?

Our garage floor coatings are industrial-grade and will hold up to a lot of abuse. We’ve installed our floors in auto shops and highway DOT buildings and have not had any issues with floors being damaged by something being dropped on them. You’re more likely to scratch the floor with a sharp edge than to damage it from dropping a hammer on it, for example. If you did damage the floor somehow, we recommend calling us so we can repair it particularly if bare concrete is exposed.

How do you recommend we clean our new floor?

We recommend using a mild soap and water. You can hose it down or power wash it.

Garage Shelving

What is the weight capacity of your garage shelving?

Our shelves have a 1,000 lb storage capacity for every 4 foot section.

Do you recommend wired grid shelving or solid surface garage shelving?

We recommend a solid surface shelving systemas it is easy to clean and very strong. We use 3/4″ white melamine with grey edge banding for our shelves. We also use a grey powder-coated steel angle iron to strengthen the shelving and also create a lip on the front of the shelf so belongings won’t slide forward and off the shelf.

Will wall shelving interfere with our vehicles?

The reason we recommend meeting with customers prior to installation is so we can create a stroage design that will work for you and unique needs. Every garage is different and we can custom fit our storage systems to fit your space, so you have plenty of room to oget in and out of vehicles.

What if I need more hooks to hang items from the Monkey Bars System?

Simply call us and we can take care of that for you.

Do you work during the winter months?

Yes. We are happy to work during the winter months because we will be able to store your items and get your vehicles into the garage, rather than in the snow and you will love us for it.

Overhead Ceiling Racks

How are the overhead ceiling racks secured to the ceiling?

The Monkey Bars overhead ceiling racks are secured to 6 different trusses using 3″ lag bolts.

How many connections are there to the ceiling per ceiling rack?

We install our overhead racks on 6 different trusses using 3″ lag bolts. More connection points across more trusses means a stronger installation.

How many joists is the overhead ceiling rack mounted on?

We mount our racks into 6 different trusses to spread the load and provide ultimate peace of mind that your belongings will be secure.

How low can the overhead ceiling racks come down fromthe ceiling?

The Monkey Bars overhead racks are adjustable from 24″ to 44″.

Do your overhead rack platforms have a safety lip?

The Monkey Bars overhead racks have a 2″ lip to keep your items securely on the rack so that you can be confident that your belongings will stay put.

Can your overhead ceiling racks be mounted to walls?

Yes, our ceiling racks can be mounted to ceilings and walls. When mounted to the ceiling, our 4×8 rack has a 750 lb capacity, when mounted to the wall, they have a 1,000 lb capacity.

If I want my overhead ceiling racks over my garage door, how much clearance do I need?

Our overhead storage racks need a minimum of 24″ clearance from the garage door rail to the ceiling. Our overhead racks are adjustable from 24″ to 44″.

Will the overhead racks bow in the middle with weight?

Our 4’x8′ overhead racks have a 750lb storage capacity when mounted to the ceiling and a 1,000lb storage capacity when mounted to both ceiling and wall. If you space belongings across the rack, they will not bow in the middle. Our racks are constructed of heavy-duty steel and have the highest weight rating in the industry.

How large can you make a single overhead storage rack?

We can make over overhead racks to any size. Call us for a free consultation and we will design an overhead storage rack system to maximize your unique space.

What if the ceiling joists are engineered joists?

We install our overhead storage racks accross multiple joists being sure not to overload a single joist to assure our rack will not damage the structure of your ceiling.

PVC Slatwall

Is your slat wall similar to what retail stores use for displays?

Yes. Our slat wall is used in retail stores, garages, basements, mud rooms, utility and laundry rooms.

Is the finish on the slat wall painted on?

Our slat wall is made with blended cellular PVC material that is flame retardant and the material color (not paint) is throughout the product so scratches won’t be noticable as they would be with painted PVC.

Does slat wall protect my garage walls?

Yes. Slat wall doesn’t just look pretty. It protects your garage walls. It has a fire retardant rating of 94 V-O and is water and moisture resistant so you can easily clean it or hose down your garage without worrying about damaging drywall.

What do you do about the seams and cut edges on the slat wall?

We can finish seams and edges without molding to make a seamless, professionally finished wall. If you have an unfinished wall, slat wall is a great option over drywall. With slat wall you can place hooks or other accessories anywhere you want. No more patching holes in drywall.

Does the slat wall cover plugs, switches, electrical panels, etc.?

We can locat any outlets, switches, etc outside the slatwall so they are not covered. We can also cut the slatwall to accommodate for these fixtures.

What accessories fit your slat wall?

We have a wide variety of accessories including hooks, shelves, paper towel holders, recycle bins, etc.

Do you stock all slat wall colors?

We carry white, taupe, grey, black, maple, oak, antique white, Victorian slate, graphite, beachwood and silver.

How is the slat wall mounted to the wall?

We install slat wall directly to studs. WE can mount them to cover and entire wall, over a work surface area or even within cabinets.